Virus Track Solutions

When a person has a critical infectious disease, fever is an ordinary symptom. To understand these symptoms and to measure the real body temperature, a thermal camera which assists authorities was developed during a severe epidemic period, especially for the purposes of Imaging Body Temperature. This technology is called ‘Biometric Fever Screening’ and is developed to quickly measure the temperature . This camera takes advantage of suitable sensor technology and it plays a big role in the measurement of body temperature by scanning persons’ faces. Thanks to its non-contact experience these devices can check up to five persons’ temperatures at the same time. When something is wrong, for example when high temperature is detected during the measurement of thermal imaging temperature, the system gives a signal and it rejects access automatically. When this device is used in hospitals it is quite useful. Due to the current Covid-19 outbreak, the world is facing a new, slightly unknown contagious disease. The Corona virus is high fever and it is one of the few known symptoms of the virus. Especially in public transport and in airports biometric fever screening is put into practice. The temperature measurement module acts a way of showing the body temperature of a person via thermal cameras. During the recognition measurement process  a person’s body temperature is quickly measured. With the help of forehead temperature detection and body temperature imaging a living body recognition is carried out. With the infrared temperature detection any person’s body temperature is quickly measured and if any abnormality is recognized during this process, the person in question can be a potential disease carrier and may need testing to see if he carries the virus. If no abnormal temperature is detected he is less likely to be a carrier of the disease. With the implementation of this temperature measurement sensor module the risks of contacting any person with Covid-19 symptoms are decreased.

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